Monday, 12 March 2018

Easy Procedure for Hong Kong Online Company Registration

There are so many reasons a business owner prefers to set up operations in Hong Kong when he is planning to expand his business outside his home country. For a foreign company, Hong Kong offers a very business friendly environment with an amenable tax structure. There are several agencies which can help do the initial paperwork while incorporating a company in Hong Kong. This city also has a dependable pool of skilled professionals who can help run the business smoothly. Hong Kong is truly cosmopolitan with businessmen and professional from all over the world living and working here. The city offers easy access to some of the most profitable markets of Asia.

When a new company is to be incorporated in Hong Kong, there are well explained and easy steps to be followed. Before initiating the process, the business owner needs to choose a name for his firm. The name should be in English and Chinese. It should not match any name already taken, and neither should it infringe any trademark used by another firm. Once the name is finalized, a postal address needs to be finalized for the firm, which shouldn’t be just a post box. It should be a real address that exists physically. If the business owner finds it difficult to buy or lease any office space, he can utilize the services of any agency that can provide a postal address and office.Additionally, the authorities have also set up websites to facilitate the process of Hong Kong online company registration.

After these two issues are taken care of, the business owner needs to fill up two forms (one for incorporation, the other for business registration), complete the Articles of Association, and then log on to the website of the Companies Registrar for applying for incorporation. The necessary fees can also be paid online. If there are no queries, then the incorporation certificate would be issued the same day.

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